Bryant's Lane Quarry Permissive Path FP1 


This footpath is the only one which Go Green helps to maintain. The CBC give it a cut at least twice a year, in spring and late autumn.  In between the vegetation creeping over the path and above it, is cut back by volunteers. The work is carried out as required.

 On June 6th, Nick Clarke wielded the strimmer and did a magnificent job along the length of the footpath. Pauline Hey was there with her loppers and cut overhanging branches and even cut down a few saplings which had strayed onto the path. Valerie Crowther, armed with a rake and pruning cutters, dealt with the brambles and raked the cuttings back. The weather was warm and fine, one day amongst many rainy ones.


Another clearance will be needed before the winter. Look out for our posters and notice in the LBO and come along and give us a hand.